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4Horses unites buyers and providers of everything that has to do with horses. 
4Horses is a musthave for every equestrian! This app brings buyers and providers of everything that has to do with horses together. From now on you can find your new horse, stable, horsetruck, blacksmith, veterinarian specialist or other equestrian service on 4Horses.




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The 4Horses app was designed by horse people, so all what is needed in the horse world has really been thought of. When creating the app, the goal was to create a user-friendly app where you can be on the page you want to be in just a few clicks.

Allround equestrian platform

4Horses is the idea of Italian rider and entrepreneur Stephanie Marianeschi of Stal Oxer, based in Evertsoord (NL). “Initially, we wanted to focus purely on the sale of horses with this app. But as we followed all the developments around us, the idea grew to turn it into a real equestrian platform. Everything related to horses can be offered on the 4Horses app. From an excellent show jumper to a farrier, and from an osteopath to stables available for rent.”

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